Thursday, May 18, 2006

Gifts are so much fun

I have such thoughtful knitting friends. Connie bought me some new sock yarn. It is beautiful. It has been raining and cloudy all day so this is the best picture I could get.

It is Lisa Souza Sock! in a colour called Shade Garden. The Greens and purples with some black and white make me feel like a walk in a garden at night. Ahh how relaxing.

Thanks soooo much Connie I had to be restrained from casting on last night.

It was funny to see her post about a present for me because I had found a little something for her as well. This one is mine. Her's is very similar.

So funny I couldn't resist. Now it is in my room on my shelf. What is that yarn next to it you ask...well there is a fleece artist thrum sock kit and some Opal hand painted sock yarn.

We had such a blast at Unwind last night. I get so excited about Wednesday night. I am enjoying that my mom is becoming an addict as well. hehhehehehehe. But she is moving much fast that I did when I started out. She is just casting on her first sweater (the day after she finished her first pair of socks). It is in some Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky yarn...mmmmmmm droool. My first sweater was in the 5 dollar ball from Walmart. 5 bucks gets you a really crappy sweater with enough left over for .......another crappy sweater. But good for you mom!!! I'm so proud. And now I don't have to feel guilty when I buy yarn because chances are she is buying yarn too.
She is already planning future projects. She went to a store without me and has bought a Noro book. I asked if she bought yarn to go with it but she says no. Maybe I should check the trunk of her car.


Connie said...

Aha! I found you on GTA knit blog - I'm working Sat. 2-6 pm. Your yarn looks good wound.

Candice said...

Very nice colors!