Saturday, January 30, 2010

Knitting Mojo

I have to say there is nothing like a few fun projects with a few good knitting friends to bring back your knitting mojo. Yesterday I spent the day at Pick Up Sticks. A 2 hour class turned into a 5 or 6 hour knit and chat time. It was so nice!

I have all these plans in my head now of things I want to do. Projects I want to finish. Projects I want to rip off the needles (ahem a certain pink tee that was a gift from hubby--and will become something else!)

I have added progress bars to the sidebar. I used to have them but when I changed the blog layout they were of course lost in the abyss. They do not reflect my REAL number of unfinished projects but I think it will keep me honest about the bin stashed in the closet. I will finish one of those projects and then add a new one from the bin until I at least feel most of the way caught up.

As far as finished projects go here is my dipped infinity hat and scarf! Ignore me in the picture. My hubby was laughing that I took a picture of myself and says I look very uncomfortable and I told him he wasn't here to help me.

The hat is a little short but I knit until I could knit no more (as in no more yarn)

I do have a little bit left over that Connie found kickin' around a the store and once I untangle it I want to add about an inch to the bottom edge so it covers my ears better.

Last night I went to the movies with hubby. We had a pass given to us for Christmas that included popcorn and everything. I was excited to go out of the house to watch a movie. There aren't too many movies that I think "I have to see that in the theatre" I am usually quite content to wait and rent it and curl up on my couch. Last night I was reminded of why I like to stay home.

1. No teenage kids that are determined to prove to everyone how cool they are and how little they care about what people think of them so they talk and swear and giggle and shout across to people they recognize across the theatre. Then at the end of the movie walk out talking about how people sitting in front of them were so loud it was really annoying knowing full well they were sitting in front of me and they were the annoying ones.

2. No lady a few seats down from me who's cell phone is ringing and who actually ANSWERS IT! I understand that sometimes people forget to turn the ringer off or something but if my phone ever rang in a movie theatre I would be embarrassed and turn it off a.s.a.p. Not this one though. She answers her phone. "Hello? I'm in the movie theatre" SO GET OFF YOUR PHONE!

3. My couch. My PJs. My knitting. I think those seats are more uncomfortable than ever.

4. Popcorn and drinks that were too expensive at $12 are now $21 (plus 72 cents for butter). This one I just don't understand. Fountain pop and Popcorn! How does it cost that much?

I think all of those might actually be summed up with number 5.

5. You only watch the movie with people you WANT to be with and not the people that drive you crazy.

So now that this short story has gotten a little longer than planned I will bring it back to my point. I think I have decided that going out to the movies is not a relaxing way to spend my evening and I will wait until I can rent it.

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Monika said...

I agree with you about the theater. Nice hat and scarf. Great that you've got some more yarn to make it bigger though. Those ears need to be covered. :o)