Tuesday, January 05, 2010

What a way to start the week

I'm back to work after my 2 week holiday. Yesterday I made my way to work (a little later than I usually do--can you tell I was hesitant?) and the roads were snowy and slippery. There was more traffic than there usually is (a product of the snow and leaving later). I got to work and always seem to have a lot of things that I am taking with me (purse, lunch bag, work bag, and often a small knitting bag). So as I make my way into work carrying all of my things (including today a pair of mittens and shoes that wouldn't fit into any of my bags) I stopped to pick up some things in the mail room. There was more than usual but I thought I could handle it in one trip instead of coming back. By now I'm sure you can see where this is going but... I dropped some of my stuff which included a pile of paper that went everywhere. So I re-thought things, put everything back my mailbox to come back for. I went back, picked up my pile of things got almost all the way back to my room and dropped some of the paper again! Not a great Monday. Particularly the first Monday of the new year, the first Monday with a new boss, and a few other little surprises that seemed to throw me off my game more than they usually would, but I muddled through my day.

Now today started with me making breakfast (a new years resolution to eat breakfast everyday). I'm heating some water and waiting for it to get hot enough to poach my egg. I went to the fridge....no eggs. Is this a sign of how my day today is going to go? Because I have a presentation to do today at my staff meeting, another first in front of my new boss.

So I'm off to work now and hope that today goes smoothly.

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