Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bad moods are contagious

This morning when I left for work I was a little later than I like to be. Don't read that to mean that I was late because I had lots of time to get to work but I like to be there early.

Anyway I came to one of the busy streets I take. It was 2 lanes and another lane merging on. I was coming straight through a light in the left lane and a person coming on the merging lane decided the person in the right lane was going to slow. So she pulled directly across into the lane that I was in. Cutting over the 2 lanes and just missing the front end of my truck. I gave her the horn and wished I could have given her a piece of my mind. We got to the light up the road a little and I could see that she had a bumper sticker on the back of her car so I moved close enough to read it. This is what it said...

"Happy people are hiding something"

So is she trying to infect me with her bad attitude by being rude?

P.S. sorry if I am passing on the negativity but I wanted to let it out!

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