Tuesday, February 02, 2010


It is a shame that I had to be secretive about this but I did it!

This was the first one of 3 projects that I ripped this weekend. But this sweater/tee has been on the needles (wasting a set of needles and a few hours of work) for I think 5 or six years. Not anymore .... here it is now.

Those of you that know me know this infamous project. It was the yarn and pattern bought for me as a graduation gift from my now hubby. He was so very proud that he did it all on his own and that he talked to the lady at the store about addi turbo needles (she was impressed that he knew what they were). I didn't really love the pattern (or the yarn) but being grateful and showing my appreciation I dutifully cast on. I got the back and two sleeves finished but......that was it. To many other things to catch my eye and too many nice yarns and beautiful patterns.

Hubby always asks me about it when I start something new. "What about a certain pink sweater?" I will finish it I promise "uh huh I'm never buying you yarn again". Well I won't tell him that I ripped it out but now I have a plan in the works to make a tank top out of it for the summer. I will be working on it in secret and surprising him with it when it is finished. Shhhhhh.

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