Friday, January 22, 2010

1 out of 2 ain't bad

Ok just call me weak! I was so good all weekend about not casting on Dipped Infinity (you can already guess where this is going) The weekend was when I was alone without a husband to say "what are you knitting now?"..."what about the baby sweater?" I could have hidden my shame and only knit on dipped infinity when he was not around/at work etc. but no!

I resisted all weekend, I resisted last night while I was at Pick up Sticks for knit night (at this point I knew I was bored of my little cardi) but last night after having a few long days at work, a hot bath and a glass of wine I thought what better way to relax before bed than to have that satisfying feeling of something new.

Ah... that's better!

Now the only problem is that I'm preoccupied with it. Such a simple and interesting pattern. Last night before bed I had only cast on and knit the first row. So I took it to bed and thought I will only knit one more round of over 200 stitches .

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