Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sick Days

Thursday I had a migraine and ended up staying home. I worry a lot of the day when I am away from work. Strange maybe but I find it easier to be at work than to take a day off. Anyway I spent Thursday sleeping and looking online at all things knitting.

This was not good for my plan to finish as many UFOs as I can stand before starting sometime new for myself. I saw so many things that I thought I need to have/make.

I was reminded however that is important that I start to finish what I start because I had a lot of trouble sleeping that night. I moved downstairs to the couch. I curled up with the throw we have on the back of the couch I realized I need to finish one of the blankets that I have on the go at the moment. If I pulled the throw up to my neck my toes stuck out the bottom. If I covered my feet my neck felt cold. I ended up sleeping the whole night on the couch and I was curled in a ball on my side. It is funny how you can feel so comfy as you fall asleep but wake up so uncomfortable. The side of the couch was putting pressure on my knee and I was so stiff in the morning.

On the other hand I have remembered how much I love Sirdar Baby Bamboo.
I'm working on a late baby gift for my brother in law's baby who is now 7 months. Yikes how did she get to bes 7 months already. So I am knitting the 12-24 months of the Debbie Bliss Ribbon-Edged Cardigan. Such a cute little sweater and a simple but sweet stitch pattern.
The first picture is closer to the actual colour of the yarn.

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