Saturday, May 05, 2007

Wedding distractions

We put the deposit on the place for our wedding today. Yippee! I'm getting really excited. I am back and forth a lot. Right now I'm very excited and it couldn't happen soon enough. On the other hand I start to think of all of the things that we still have to do between now and March of next year.

I am finished the first have of the clementine Shawlette (again) I like it much better this time. I don't have my camera here with me so I will post pictures tomorrow.

I am working on the shawl but I have not done much knitting until tonight. I have not been able to decide which of my projects to work on. I love everything I have on the needles right now. I just can't pick only one thing to work on.


Connie said...

Congratulations on the deposit for the wedding. It's really happening...!!!

Meghan said...

Now the question is, what are you going to KNIT for your wedding???

Theresa said...

Oh, I'm getting married next April. Isn't it just crazy? I had no idea it would all be so involved!

Anonymous said...

When I looked at your WIP list I see a 75% Pink Grad Tee; I say finish that one, then move on to 75% Dragon socks...after that you're on your own! I love giving out sane advice to other knitters; me? I've got a bazzilion things on the needles and two bazzilion other things waiting to be done---I can't decide either. Have fun.