Thursday, May 31, 2007

Something to say for both

There is something to say for a project that you can stick with and persevere with. A long term relationship that takes a lot of time or a lot of concentration.... or both. To me this is Thermal. I love Thermal but it is progressing slowly. No matter how much I knit on it I don't feel like those rows of hundreds of small stitches are getting anywhere.

That leads me to turn to the dark side. I start to itch for that new project (not that I don't have enough on the go). That new Quick knit. Something that will be quick to jump onto the needles do what I want and then leave me satisfied. That short term relationship has been found in the Bonsai Tunic.

Here it was Wednesday night when I got home from school.

Here it is before I went to bed last night. (and a close up).

I am knitting it in Bio Bamboo which is 100% bamboo and ooooh soooo good. I bought it when Connie, Lisa and I were in Toronto. I think I got it at the Naked Sheep (Connie will correct me if I'm wrong) I saw it from across the store... it was knit into a tank top. When I brushed the tank top with my palm I was filled with desire. " Where is that yarn?" I had to take it home with me. The yarn does split a little and I have never knit with bamboo before but I do like it so far it is very soft and I enjoy it.

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