Monday, May 21, 2007

She's Back!

Another busy busy week. I slept in so late on Saturday and could have had a nap today as well. I was very overwhelmed this weak to be honest. I knit two rows on a sock on Monday and didn't touch my knitting again until Saturday morning with coffee. My dad laughed at me that I couldn't even have a coffee in the morning without my knitting. I had been itching for it all week but to tired to knit all week.

So this weekend I have been knitting on Thermal. No pics of that tonight but I thought I would post some pictures of my house in progress. These are from a week ago when Aaron and I took our nephew out to see it. Kids and construction! He had a blast.

This is coming up our driveway to the front door.

This is from the front door.

And finally this is the view from the kitchen window where the sink will be. We think our lot goes to the black fence just past the road. Our basement is a walk out that is why it seems like my kitchen is so high up.
We went out this weekend too and the next floor is on. The floor but no upstairs walls yet. We will have to check again next weekend. Because things are really moving fast now that the weather has been nicer. I doubt we will be in by the end of July but keep your fingers crossed for us.

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