Sunday, May 27, 2007

Smarties for Breakfast

I admit it.. having Smarties for breakfast on Friday morning seemed like the best option. I have no regrets. It made my work day a little better. It was a long day waiting to go see the Yarn Harlot at Indigo in Toronto. Check Connie's site for pictures of the hole trip down and everything. ( We play tourist really well)
And here she is. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. This picture doesn't show the amount of people there but you can see that we had to stand pretty far back. It was still definitely worth it. It wasn't like being in a book store it was like a comedy club (other than the table of books that was right beside us and that we didn't have chairs).
I really enjoyed watching the people that worked in the store watching the whole goings on. They looked a little dumbfounded and I caught a few laughing as well at some of the jokes.
In the end I had all of my books signed and we had pictures take of the Pick Up Sticks crew. Connie is holding "the sock" and Stephanie is holding my sock. Yes that made me happy because I'm a bit of a dork. After the last few weeks of my life I'm forgiven for getting overly excited about little things.

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Andrea said...

Disappointed that I missed meeting you and Meghan (whose patterns I love) and Connie (otherwise known as my fav online dealer).