Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I just don't get it

I don't understand why when I'm enjoying myself and when I'm feeling relaxed... my loving mother has to tell me what she thinks I should be doing or what she would like me to do with my time instead of what I'm doing. GRRRRR. I love my mom.....but I love my quiet time and if it looks to her like I'm not doing anything...something must be wrong.

Last night I spoke of me new found love of blog reading, TV watching and knitting all in one. Well tonight my mother came in "what are you doing on the computer"...reading knitting blogs "hmmm sigh I would really like it if you could spend some time in your room dusting or something this week. Have you even done it since you moved in. That should be done every week". And just for the peanut gallery...I have dusted in my room quite frequently but not every week.

Well Happy Halloween everyone! I was good and didn't eat (much) candy. Instead I went to the gym. Aren't I a good girl?

I have also worked on the thrum Mittens a little tonight. This is last nights picture that wouldn't load. I thought this kit from fleece artist looked more purple than it is turning out to be and it is a gift for a girl who loves purple.

I'm sure she will still enjoy these mittens and they will keep her hands warm on yard duty. Maybe even more so because they are a little more neutral. Now I shall turn off the computer and roll over and go to sleep. (I still love laying in bed with the computer... sigh ... small joys I know)