Monday, October 09, 2006

Emotional Knitting

Well this thanksgiving has been like no other. My favourite place to be was on the couch with the fleece blanket my cousin made (she's a seamstress not a knitter) knitting! I don't have any pictures because I am still at my Grandmother's house. Thus no cameras and no access to pictures that I do have.

This Thanksgiving was very emotional. We have been working to try to move my grandma out of her HUGE old home into something smaller where there is someone to check on her and make sure she takes her medication and eats properly. The biggest problem is that she has had a male friend staying with her for a while now and he doesn't want us to move her. It has turned into a big family drama and is putting us all at odds with each other.

Yesterday we took a girls trip to Mary Maxim. I must say that with all of the crafting things there I don't really get to excited about much there. I bought some wool wash and some hand cream and that is it this trip.

Anyway we are ready to have a quick bite of toast and then hit the road home. Then I am off to the bf's house for some dinner and a comforting cuddle!

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