Sunday, November 05, 2006

What happens to time?

I was just looking at my calendar, thinking, and planning and thought to myself...OMG where does the time go. I remember when I was a child how long a year seemed to be and how in November, Christmas seemed so far away let alone summer holiday away from school.

Now that I am an adult a year seems to go buy in the blink of an eye. Work is going crazy this time of year. I have family asking if we have started our Christmas shopping yet! (Does Christmas knitting count even if very little progress is happening?). When did it become November all of a sudden? OMG and then once Christmas hits it is only a few more months until summer and summer vacation. Then I have to wonder where my job will be then?

This question is becoming more and more a preoccupation on my mind. Partially because I have always thought that this summer should be a time when I think of getting out of my parents house and out on my own. Then this conversation turned into wanting to move in with my bf. All of a sudden, taking our time and moving slowly is right around the corner.

Tonight my bf and I sat down with my parents and had a talk about us moving in together. I feel so much more comfortable with moving ahead knowing I have their support. WOW!! I know I'm probably rambling on. I have so much in my head right now I don't know what to do with it so....while I'm trying to get to sleep I am blogging about my whirlwind life.

I guess the question I am left with is...if time seems to have sped up so much since childhood does it just keep passing faster and faster as we age? Any thoughts?

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Connie said...

Wait until you have kids - time really flies then! I can remember thinking when Laura was a baby that I would be 45 when she was 22 and here we are!

Congrats to you and Aaron on your big news!