Sunday, October 15, 2006

Still no pictures

I know I promised pictures. I said I was knitting so much. So what happened you might ask? Life steps in again.

My poor puppy (an 11 year old lab) has been sick this week and we have had her to the vet and just generally keeping us worried for most of the week.

Also I have felt so incredibly tired. It seemed like I have been tired for no reason. I didn't even turn on my computer once this week let alone take the time to upload pictures and blog. I have started to think of reasons I may be so tired. Stress is probably a good one. School this week has been crazy. I think I have a bit of a cold and a slight soar throat that has been hanging on this week.

But I have also been wondering if my iron is getting low again. I used to have to have my iron checked regularly as a child. I am supposed to go get my blood checked but haven't made it there yet. Funny thing is that my father has high iron. He had to donate blood every couple of weeks for a while because his iron was so high.

I have finished Aaron's cashmere hat. I have one thrum mitten finished and one sock finished for a friend's Christmas present. Almost one other sock for another Christmas present and I'm coming up on halfway finished the baby blanket (not including the border of course.

I am still puzzling over how to fit the skull and crossbones into a pattern for my bf's brother. I don't want to do socks I have some Mission falls wool that I would like to use. I had thought mittens originally but I can't scale the pattern down enough to make it look nice going around. I had thought about having the pattern in a strip legthwise up the mitten or trying to work it into and earflap hat. Any ideas or suggestions leave me a comment.

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