Sunday, September 03, 2006

Where's my easy button

I remember the end of last school year thinking how busy and chaotic it was. The beginning of the year is surprisingly similar. I have been working like crazy in my classroom and with some much needed help from my family and co-workers.

I have been doing a little knitting. I have the baby snuggly finished other than a few ends to weave in and then the zipper to put in.

The excitment is building for the knitter's fair and it is still a whole week away. I have a few more things to get ready for the start of the school year next week but I am ready for the kids. I think the teachers are just as excited as the kids are.

Anyway I'm at my bfs house this weekend without my camera so no pictures. In the next few days I will post a finished pic of the snuggly. Have a great long weekend everyone.


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