Thursday, September 14, 2006

Show and Tell

I started writing this post yesterday and I had spent a good chunk of time on it....Then...the computer froze and I lost it all. What was it my high school computer teacher used to say? "Save save save" So after that I said a few choice words and went off to Unwind to knit.

So are we wet yet???? I must consider myself lucky for a few reasons tonight. One my messy office is NOT wet. The water that came in my basement again did not make it over to my piles of things on the floor or my computer or my yarn! PHEW!!!! and the Second reason is that other people in Newmarket were evacuated from their homes because the water was pouring in. Crazy!!!
We are sooo lucky!!

And now ... on with the show (and tell). Lots of links and a few picks! The kids I teach love show and share so today as promised, is my turn to show things from the past weekend.

Here is my Namaste Bag! I bought it from the wonderful people at Needles and Pins. They are proof that it pays to be nice because the ladies at the Pick up Sticks booth (yes that was us) bought three of them.

That is my mom in the background who can't believe that I am taking pictures of my bag.

This is my Dragon Sock so far. What a great pattern. It is keeping my interest and not too hard for my tired self.

I am using Mama-E's C*EYE*BER, in the Sarah colourway and I am really enjoying. It is available through Mama's blog and also through Pick up Sticks (the only place you can get the Sarah colour though!)

I also bought some
Claudia Hand painted from Connie and some JaggerSpun MerinoLace from Red Bird but the pictures didn't show up so well so you will have to trust me that it is wonderful.

And last but not least of my purchases (in more ways that one). As promised here is my new baby.

This is my next step from handspinning (not that I was a great handspinner). It is my Majacraft Lil' Gem. I adopted my little gem from the nice ladies at The Black Lamb. They gave me a little lesson and let me play throughout the day. It still needs a more personal name but we haven't had a lot of time to get to know each other better. Any suggestions leave me a comment!

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and I am hoping to take her out to dinner. But I do intent to post picks of a finished object tomorrow too. I know it is a shock!

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