Saturday, September 23, 2006

A lil' this a lil' that

Well this week has been yet another crazy week in the world of me. I have been to tired to do anything. Anyway a little of what I did do this week is here:

Things were going a little smoother this time and I think for the most part I was a little more even. Here is where the mistake happens.
What I have learned about spinning to date. Just because it is starting to feel easier doesn't mean you can let your treadling slip and start to go faster. It is feeling easier because you are going at a good even pace. Pay attention because your hands and feet want to go faster and that is when weird things happen to your spinning.

Also I have two very small skeins here because as I was plying some of the thinner spots (as a result of the above) broke and I got terribly tangled and decided to make a fresh start. I still have some more of this pink to spin up so I hope to pay attention a little better the next time.

I have also been thinking about Christmas knitting so a lot of my WIPs are going to have to remain that way until the holiday season is over. I don't have too big a list of people who I would like to knit for but my attention span means I have to start now.

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