Monday, September 25, 2006

To sick to knit

Well at least I was yesterday. I spent a good deal of the day sleeping my sniffles away. This of course after I got ticked off with the bf last weekend for sleeping all day long so we didn't get to spend much time together. He was very sweet bringing me tea and rubbing my back. What a doll. He has no idea how much I appreciated it.

Anyway. I am feeling much better today. Did not miss a day of work or going to the gym. However, I have changed my routine at the gym. I am working with my trainer still and she has moved me from the machines to doing free weights. I thought that my sweet and fun trainer was trying to kill me. All weekend I could hardly walk. My legs just started to feel better today and then...yep we had another appointment. And when I got this cold,.....every time I sneeze, cough or blow my nose, my abs hurt. I joke but I do feel much better about myself when I make that effort to get off my butt and go to the gym.

The only problem with gym time is that it gets in the way of knitting time. Christmas is coming and here are the gifts I "plan" to knit. I don't think anyone getting gifts reads this blog so I might be safe incase a few items get crossed off the list.

1) Meghann's baby blanket (this is a pre-Christmas gift I hope.... A.S.A.P)
2)Pam - socks and thrum mittens, maybe slippers if I can get the mittens done by her birthday
3) Mindy - socks and thrum mittens
4) Aaron - slippers and cashmere hat (yes he is a lucky boy)
5) Meghann- socks (orange fleece artist?)
6)Gareth - Something with skull and crossbones argyle (any suggestions as to what to make leave a comment)
7)Kathryn and Laura - socks, I hope they liked the socks last year.

That is my planning. But here is the scary part. There is only 90 days until Christmas. Yikes I better get off the computer and get knitting.

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