Monday, August 28, 2006

Return on the Nonsense

Wow! It has been so long. Funny how life gets in the way of things. For now this will be a quick update on me. There will be no pictures as my camera was lost in the mess of my life until today.

Start off with some good news. (Well I guess there is a lot of good news) My dad is home from the hospital. He has been for about a week now. He is healing so well. You wouldn't even know it to see his face that it had been burnt. The nurse still comes to see him every day to change the bandages and he goes back to the hospital once a week to have a once over. But he is in good spirits and quickly on the mend.

Secondly. I have a different job. I am teaching grade one now instead of kindergarten. The switch was made to a new school and new grade so I have been there the last few days trying to get things organized. So it will be a busy week getting all of that stuff sorted and then prep for school starting next week.

The basement in my house is a disaster because I have been trying to organized all the school stuff in my home. (hence the lost camera) That is slowly making it's way back to rights as well.

I have been knitting. The sample scarf for the Knitter's Fair where I will be showing my support for Connie at Pick up Sticks. Also I have been knitting the baby sleeper for my bf's friend. The baby was a week late and I do not have all the details yet but I was starting to convince myself the baby was waiting for me to finish it's present. Hopefully the next few days will do the trick.

Now off to bed to knit a bit and then do it all again tomorrow.


Connie said...

Thanks for the mention, girly!

Connie said...

Oh and nice to see you blogging again!