Sunday, April 29, 2007

More Frolicing

Ok so back to the frolic. This could also be known as a place where it is considered ok to fondle things even if they are being worn by complete strangers. As well as stare and try to peek into the bags of those people as they pass you

Here were my purchases:

This is a fibula. I liked it as a nice simple shawl closure that locks in place. I put it on some Yarn Pirate to show it.

Like I mentioned yesterday I bought a few patterns. One for a Noni Bag and I bought some handles to make one. As well as the pattern for Simple Knitted Bodice from Stitch Diva Studios. I have thought about that pattern for ages so when Megan from Lettuce Knit had it I could resist no longer.

Another thing that happened while I was watching knitters go by and talking to people about knitting I saw a Clementine Shawlette in real life. It was BEAUTIFUL. I immediately regretted ripping mine out. So tonight with the Yarn pirate pictured above, I am casting on again and this time there will be no turning back.

I keep thinking back on what a fun day we had. We saw Amy Singer again and she is always a blast. Laura from Cosmicpluto helped Connie's sister Lisa to fix her sock problem and all in all it was a great day.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Come and frolic with us!

Today was a blast! The ladies took Pick up Sticks to The Knitter's frolic today! Everywhere you turn there were beautiful yarns, neat and new accessories, amazing hand knit items and great people!

My house/wedding budget kept me very reserved I bought a few patterns and some handles to make a felted purse, more addi lace needles and a few other things but I am proud of my restraint and if you were there you know it was hard. (you gave in and had to leave yarn in the car to hide it didn't you!)

I have a few pics to add tomorrow but I am wiped out. After coming home I had to clean up around the house and do way more laundry than should have been left to do, of which I have more to do tomorrow (it has been a few weeks). But heeeelllooo to all of those people we got to meet today. It is neat to meet people that have left comments or who's blogs you have been reading.

Enjoy all of those beautiful things you have acquired today (including the ones that you are still keeping quiet) and take comfort in this final thought......

Last time we went to a show like this I came home with a spinning wheel! Now go get the rest of your yarn out of the car!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Perhaps it is the preoccupation with all things wedding and looking for a ceremony and reception cite but my knitting just isn't satisfying me this week. I love my blanket still and have been working on and off on Thermal. But everything else is just not cuttin' the mustard.

One thing that doesn't help is that I received my April Rockin' sock club package today. It made me pick up the inside outside sock and finish it tonight. I put in on right side out..... I put it on inside out.....and I don't like it. I think it will be ripped tomorrow.

Next to be tossed into the pond is the Clementine Shawlette. I like the yarn I like that pattern but I can't see myself really wearing it that much so.....why keep going and deciding that later.

And finally.....Clessidra! I LOVE the look of the pattern. I LOVE the louet gems yarn. I do think the sock looks great so far. But two knee socks ? I have enough trouble with regular length SSS.

I spent tonight looking a few places with Aaron and with my mom and am pretty sure that I know where things will be happening but nothing signed or deposited yet. I guess there will be limited yarn budget for the next year because all of my money will be going toward house and wedding. * sigh* this must really be love!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

many mindless squares

Am I sick of the squares yet? Nope. I'm surprised myself actually. I just want to knit squares all the time. I don't think I just knit.
I might have to put the blanket aside to finish the bag since that was what started it all with the squares. (Plus I am so much closer to finishing the bag than the blanket)

I am still overwhelmed by the engagment. There have been so many warm wishes. Thank you to those of you whom I haven't talked to since it happened /met who have sent your best. I still sometimes look at my ring and think "hey wait, I wasn't dreaming!"

I am going back to my knitting of squares. I'm going to sit with the bag for a while.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What a way to wake up at 5am! Saturday morning I woke up around 5 and could hear Aaron in the kitchen. I thought that it was not like him to be up in the night. He sleeps like the dead. He came back in the room and said something about the dogs bugging him. I said they want you to let them out. He came back with "I'm not going to let them right now". I started to get angry. He was already awake, he was already out of bed and now I was getting up to let the dogs out. Grrr.

Grumbling the whole way, eyes barely open, I let the dogs out and waited for them to do their thing outside not bothering to turn on the lights. I couldn't wait to get back to bed.

On my way back in through the kitchen there he was. Completely dressed in his jeans and sweatshirt and hat. "Why are you dressed" I asked, really annoyed at this point, "are you going out somewhere?"
"Didn't you see anything outside?" he asked.
"no" I said "why?"
"Come back here" and he walked me back to the door and turned on the lights outside. That is when I saw this.

I couldn't believe it. We had be talking about getting married for a little while now but then the conversations suddenly stopped. The reason they stopped I know now is because he had ordered my ring. It is so beautiful. Just my taste. I love it! I am so happy.

He asked my parents on Friday and showed my mother the ring. We spent this weekend visiting family to let them all know. Now we have a wedding to plan. We are thinking that we will go away for the wedding and then have a reception when we get back.

I'm very overwhelmed and excited.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Knitting in the box

Knitting in the box or cat in a box?

No lets stick to the knitting!

It has been a while since my last post. I have been knitting a lot..however I have not been knitting on any one thing. I have been averaging a new project a night for the last three nights.

I started Thermal and have knit one inch so far. Exciting I know that is why there is no photo.

Something that I thought would never be my style has become my life. Because of this and this I find that I MUST knit mitered squares and what better to use for squares than Noro. So I have started both projects.
This is beginning of the mitered squares felted bag.
I am using Kuryon in colour 178 and was not sure about the colour when I bought it but I was intrigued to see how it would turn out. I think when you buy Noro you have to spread the ball out like the petals of a flower to see all of the colours in it. Even then it is always a pleasant surprise.
An even nicer surprise then is the Silk Garden, of which I have purchased a ton to make a mitered squares blanket. I have colours 221 and 47.
I know that I am going to hate squares when I'm done and may never to them again after I'm finished but right now....I'm hooked. I may have to get in touch with Monika for tips and motivation to keep going.

Friday, April 06, 2007

The wonders of sleep

Well after yesterday's post the being sick stopped and the shaky weak feelings started. I went into work just long enough to make sure they got someone to cover me. Then I came home and did the bed to couch to bed dance for the rest of the day. Nothing but sleep. I didn't eat anything until 8pm and even then it was if-ey. Then Aaron came home and I had some more of the soup at 3:30 am but I was starving by that point and ready to eat. I am feeling much better today. Thank goodness....nowhere to go but up I guess.

P.S. Connie, the cats (at least one) took a liking to my new Addi Turbo Lace needles last night. There are a few teeth bumps on the cord. So when you get home watch out for your needles

Now perhaps because no knitting happened yesterday I can't wait to get some knitting done today. I have two new projects on the go. (I'm doing really well at finishing up those old ones aren't I).
I have started this:

It is the Clementine Shawlette from the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits
I am knitting it in Handmaiden Mini Maiden. I am still a little undecided if I like this yarn in this pattern. Love the two separately but together I'm not sure. So progress has slowed.

The other new project is Clessidra in Louet Gems Merino in Burgundy. So the colour is similar to the one pictured on the pattern. I love the pattern but here is the problem with this project. Knee socks are big. I have SSS (second sock syndrome) bad enough as it is and I haven't worn knee socks since high school. But the look of this pattern made me swoon. The sock so far is beautiful (you have to trust me because the camera is being moody again- I think I might need a new one).

So to sum it all up... I want to knit! but I am not sure if I should keep going on these projects or frog them. And yes I am aware that I could knit on the numerous other unfinished projects I have in my knitting bag.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'm sick! I don't remember being this sick so fast before. Last night I was out for dinner at my parents house and some time at Unwind. I got back to the house and knit some more and then got ready for bed. The only thing I felt was really full, like I was gaining weight, like everything I had eaten yesterday was still sitting in my tummy.

I lay in bed for an hour before I had to get up. I think everything I ate yesterday really was still in my tummy. I continued to be sick all night and still feel a little stick and shaky this morning. I am waiting to go to work and tell them they need to get someone in for me today.

This has happened before when I had a migraine. I knew what I was doing for the day but didn't have everything set up. So today when I wish I could just not go at all I have to go and put away the things that are covering my desk so that someone can work for me today. Yuck I wanna go back to bed.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Speak up!

First a little comment about Wicked. If/when I knit this sweater again I will not do the optional increases after the decreasing. I would still decrease after my chest but I would leave it a that number of stitches. I wore Wicked today and thought that it seemed to sweep out too much. I am a curvy girl and thought it would make the sweater fit better. If I block the sweater to be a little longer it may not be as noticeable. hmmmm.

The reason I titled this post Speak up was because I need to learn to do that a little more. You never know what could happen. I was knitting in the waiting room at the dentist's office today. I have had people in waiting rooms ask me about my knitting before but the woman today knew it was a sock (it was duets and they use the afterthought heel so it could have been just about anything) we talked about the sock. She said that she thought it was a sock and that the first thing she did was check my feet (I was wearing store bought socks today). Did I speak up and ask her if she was a knitter? No. She was more interested that the average person who just stares a bit. Little old ladies love to see me knit in public because they can't believe someone my age is knitting (and most admit that they feel my work is "better" than theirs). It is fun to talk to strangers about knitting but I don't say too much back to make it a real conversation. Think of all the great people and other knitters/potential knitters we could meet if we just speak up.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Wicked Sweater of the North

Say Hi to Mommy you two!
I am not at home for the next two weeks because I am looking after Connie's animals while she is on vacation with her family. I got here on Friday and I feel a little like I'm on vacation too (but I have to go to work tomorrow) It has been pretty quiet except for the trains. I am told you get used to them.

My dog Carlie seems to be doing really well. She is on some new medication and we are resting her as much as possible and not leaving her loose to chase things in the yard. We are still kinda wait and see I guess but we are going to see how much she continues to improve. Thanks again for the comments of support. Although I know I'm not the only one to ever go through these things it is a nice reminder that I am not alone.

I have spent the last few days finishing of Wicked. The pictures aren't great because I was struggling to keep my batteries hanging on and I couldn't seem to get a great pick of the whole sweater before they finally bit the dust so.

Pattern: Wicked from Zephyr
Yarn: Malabrigo in Taureg

Needles: 4.5mm Knit Picks Options and Addi Turbos
Date Started: March 17th 2007.
Date Finished: April 1st 2007.
I really liked this pattern. I have been having just the kind of time lately that plain stocking stitch was just the way to go. This sweater has so many options too. Short sleeves/long sleeves/worsted weight/lace weight.