Friday, April 06, 2007

The wonders of sleep

Well after yesterday's post the being sick stopped and the shaky weak feelings started. I went into work just long enough to make sure they got someone to cover me. Then I came home and did the bed to couch to bed dance for the rest of the day. Nothing but sleep. I didn't eat anything until 8pm and even then it was if-ey. Then Aaron came home and I had some more of the soup at 3:30 am but I was starving by that point and ready to eat. I am feeling much better today. Thank goodness....nowhere to go but up I guess.

P.S. Connie, the cats (at least one) took a liking to my new Addi Turbo Lace needles last night. There are a few teeth bumps on the cord. So when you get home watch out for your needles

Now perhaps because no knitting happened yesterday I can't wait to get some knitting done today. I have two new projects on the go. (I'm doing really well at finishing up those old ones aren't I).
I have started this:

It is the Clementine Shawlette from the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits
I am knitting it in Handmaiden Mini Maiden. I am still a little undecided if I like this yarn in this pattern. Love the two separately but together I'm not sure. So progress has slowed.

The other new project is Clessidra in Louet Gems Merino in Burgundy. So the colour is similar to the one pictured on the pattern. I love the pattern but here is the problem with this project. Knee socks are big. I have SSS (second sock syndrome) bad enough as it is and I haven't worn knee socks since high school. But the look of this pattern made me swoon. The sock so far is beautiful (you have to trust me because the camera is being moody again- I think I might need a new one).

So to sum it all up... I want to knit! but I am not sure if I should keep going on these projects or frog them. And yes I am aware that I could knit on the numerous other unfinished projects I have in my knitting bag.


Monika said...

Glad you are feeling better! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Well, that's great; now I need to make those socks too!!!! And a few of those other Knitty patterns!
Glad you feel better; enjoy your long weekend.

Meghan said...

Ooohhhh Sarah.... where did you get those Addi Lace needles???

Anonymous said...

a note of caution: be careful joining the two pieces of clementine together. I followed the pattern exactly and it looks terrible. debating about attempting to take it apart but with the lace pattern i am concerned it will unravel and be a total loss.

Connie said...

Hi Sarah
It's nice to see the animals - sorry about the needles.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the words of caution about Clementine. I will keep that in mind when I get there!