Saturday, April 28, 2007

Come and frolic with us!

Today was a blast! The ladies took Pick up Sticks to The Knitter's frolic today! Everywhere you turn there were beautiful yarns, neat and new accessories, amazing hand knit items and great people!

My house/wedding budget kept me very reserved I bought a few patterns and some handles to make a felted purse, more addi lace needles and a few other things but I am proud of my restraint and if you were there you know it was hard. (you gave in and had to leave yarn in the car to hide it didn't you!)

I have a few pics to add tomorrow but I am wiped out. After coming home I had to clean up around the house and do way more laundry than should have been left to do, of which I have more to do tomorrow (it has been a few weeks). But heeeelllooo to all of those people we got to meet today. It is neat to meet people that have left comments or who's blogs you have been reading.

Enjoy all of those beautiful things you have acquired today (including the ones that you are still keeping quiet) and take comfort in this final thought......

Last time we went to a show like this I came home with a spinning wheel! Now go get the rest of your yarn out of the car!


Monika said...

You spin too? I just got myself a drop spindle and some roving, but my first attempt was a disaster. Do you know of spinners around here, who teach spinning?
I'm sooooooooooo sorry I couldn't go to Knitter's Frolic!

Sarah said...

I know Gemini Fibres in Mount Albert does spinning classes and I'm sure that a few places in the city do. I rented a video from Gemini for my drop spindle and then one of the ladies from the Black Lamb (who sold me the gem) taught me and let me try before I buy. Other than that I am self taught and still learning.

Monika said...

Thank you Sarah! I'm planning on going to Gemini Fibers soon. I've ordered a "How to" CD online. We'll see how it goes. ;o)