Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Speak up!

First a little comment about Wicked. If/when I knit this sweater again I will not do the optional increases after the decreasing. I would still decrease after my chest but I would leave it a that number of stitches. I wore Wicked today and thought that it seemed to sweep out too much. I am a curvy girl and thought it would make the sweater fit better. If I block the sweater to be a little longer it may not be as noticeable. hmmmm.

The reason I titled this post Speak up was because I need to learn to do that a little more. You never know what could happen. I was knitting in the waiting room at the dentist's office today. I have had people in waiting rooms ask me about my knitting before but the woman today knew it was a sock (it was duets and they use the afterthought heel so it could have been just about anything) we talked about the sock. She said that she thought it was a sock and that the first thing she did was check my feet (I was wearing store bought socks today). Did I speak up and ask her if she was a knitter? No. She was more interested that the average person who just stares a bit. Little old ladies love to see me knit in public because they can't believe someone my age is knitting (and most admit that they feel my work is "better" than theirs). It is fun to talk to strangers about knitting but I don't say too much back to make it a real conversation. Think of all the great people and other knitters/potential knitters we could meet if we just speak up.

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Monika said...

That's one of my problems too. I don't speak up. That sucks, I wish it would come naturally.