Thursday, April 12, 2007

Knitting in the box

Knitting in the box or cat in a box?

No lets stick to the knitting!

It has been a while since my last post. I have been knitting a lot..however I have not been knitting on any one thing. I have been averaging a new project a night for the last three nights.

I started Thermal and have knit one inch so far. Exciting I know that is why there is no photo.

Something that I thought would never be my style has become my life. Because of this and this I find that I MUST knit mitered squares and what better to use for squares than Noro. So I have started both projects.
This is beginning of the mitered squares felted bag.
I am using Kuryon in colour 178 and was not sure about the colour when I bought it but I was intrigued to see how it would turn out. I think when you buy Noro you have to spread the ball out like the petals of a flower to see all of the colours in it. Even then it is always a pleasant surprise.
An even nicer surprise then is the Silk Garden, of which I have purchased a ton to make a mitered squares blanket. I have colours 221 and 47.
I know that I am going to hate squares when I'm done and may never to them again after I'm finished but right now....I'm hooked. I may have to get in touch with Monika for tips and motivation to keep going.


Angela said...

Funny....I started knitting mitered squares yesterday. It's how I've decided to use up my leftover yarn bits.

I've run into a bit of trouble mitered squares aren't very...well...square. They look more like an ice cream cone.

Any tips?


Sarah said...

When I cast on for the blanket last night my square wasn't very square. I had tried to do it in stockinette stitch and that made the difference. Are you knitting every row?

Sarah said...

I mean that the stockinette was making the shape funny. Knitting every row fixed the problem for me. I read my comment and didn't think it was very clear.

Angela said...

That must be it.

I was trying to get that flat (stockinette) look.


I'll have to adjust.


PS. Thanks for the tip.

Angela said...

I was far too stuck on the stockinette idea, so I played around until it worked.

For interest's sake:

1st row - k2tog (x4) in the middle
Purl all even #'ed rows
3rd row - k2tog (x2) in the middle


Sarah said...

cool. Thanks for letting me know. I'm not turning back now though.