Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I just don't get it

I don't understand why when I'm enjoying myself and when I'm feeling relaxed... my loving mother has to tell me what she thinks I should be doing or what she would like me to do with my time instead of what I'm doing. GRRRRR. I love my mom.....but I love my quiet time and if it looks to her like I'm not doing anything...something must be wrong.

Last night I spoke of me new found love of blog reading, TV watching and knitting all in one. Well tonight my mother came in "what are you doing on the computer"...reading knitting blogs "hmmm sigh I would really like it if you could spend some time in your room dusting or something this week. Have you even done it since you moved in. That should be done every week". And just for the peanut gallery...I have dusted in my room quite frequently but not every week.

Well Happy Halloween everyone! I was good and didn't eat (much) candy. Instead I went to the gym. Aren't I a good girl?

I have also worked on the thrum Mittens a little tonight. This is last nights picture that wouldn't load. I thought this kit from fleece artist looked more purple than it is turning out to be and it is a gift for a girl who loves purple.

I'm sure she will still enjoy these mittens and they will keep her hands warm on yard duty. Maybe even more so because they are a little more neutral. Now I shall turn off the computer and roll over and go to sleep. (I still love laying in bed with the computer... sigh ... small joys I know)

Monday, October 30, 2006

The excitement builds

Yes...Halloween is coming. The sugar rushes are about to begin. The punks who smash pumpkins that young kids have worked so hard on. And somehow in spite of all of the negative things that seem associated with Halloween.....I LOVE IT! Not in the same way I did as a child but I love seeing kids in costume and fun decorations. And I even still kinda like to dress up myself.

The only problem is that the time between Halloween and Christmas is not very long. So far I am working on two sizes of the same sock pattern (in two different colours and types of yarn) and a pair of Thrum mittens.

This is one pair. The pattern is a garter stitch rib in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the Black Purl colour. The first pic shows my progress the second one shows the colour better.

The orange is the same sock pattern knit with Fleece Artist sock yarn

I had a picture of the Thrum mittens as well but blogger doesn't want me to load it. Maybe tomorrow.

So there you have it. Proof that I am still working on my Christmas knitting. I don't know how much I will get done tonight because I have some Halloween goodie bags for my class. I am hoping that I can finish the last repeat of the baby blanket and get started on the border.

I must say that I am enjoying having the bf's laptop for the week. I don't know how I ever got along in the cold damp basement. Last night I watched TV (halloween movies) and was knitting...while reading knitting blogs, all from the comfort of my own bed. Ah yes it was wonderful. More of the same tonight I hope.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I should be sleeping

This is the fourth time I have tried to post. When I wrote this it was early on Sunday morning...6:10am actually now that the time has changed. So regardless of what time this actually gets posted please understand that I wrote it in bed in the dark.

My bf has just left for work and this is usually the point where I roll over and go back to sleep, enjoying having the whole bed to myself. After all, tomorrow I will have to get up at this time but today......Ah no...it is Sunday, one of two days made for sleeping in. I like to take full advantage of those days.

The reason I'm not sleeping I'm sure is that I am thinking about all of the work I have to do. I am prioritizing because I want some time for me as well. Yes my time for me could be spent sleeping, and yes if I was really prioritizing then I wouldn't be blogging I would be doing work right now.

I need to decide what it is I want to for sure have done today because after all of the work I did Yesterday I am not as focused as I was. So one or two things to work on today and then time for me and time to knit.

Afterall....It is Sunday!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Big Sigh

I know I have not been posting. I know I have said there will be pictures. I do have every intention. Today....no appologies just a post. With some pictures but not lots.

I have a finished project. It was a gift for the bf. I did already give it to him because it was getting very cold here for a few days.

This is the
Devon's Toque from Handmaiden. 100% Cashmere. I would have never knit this for him when we first started dating but....I found out that he listens. He understands that this is a hobby that I love and he really does listen. I mentioned Knitty and Amy Singer. I said ..."I know you don't know who that is" and he said "yeah I do...she has a knitting thing online" WHAT?? Wow!!! he really was listening to me. So because of this amazing fact....he gets a cashmere toque.

I have also been working madly on the baby blanket for Marley (who is now one month old). I have two more pattern repeats and then the border. I love the blanket but I don't want to be knitting it anymore.

Christmas knitting is well underway...but not well enough that I think I might make it in time for Christmas. The only gift I don't have planned it Gareth's present because I want it to be the scull and crossbones argyle and so far I can't make it fit in a pattern for him with the yarn that I have already purchased.

On a final note. I have done a little spinning. Practice helps for sure! This yarn is what I am most proud of so far.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Still no pictures

I know I promised pictures. I said I was knitting so much. So what happened you might ask? Life steps in again.

My poor puppy (an 11 year old lab) has been sick this week and we have had her to the vet and just generally keeping us worried for most of the week.

Also I have felt so incredibly tired. It seemed like I have been tired for no reason. I didn't even turn on my computer once this week let alone take the time to upload pictures and blog. I have started to think of reasons I may be so tired. Stress is probably a good one. School this week has been crazy. I think I have a bit of a cold and a slight soar throat that has been hanging on this week.

But I have also been wondering if my iron is getting low again. I used to have to have my iron checked regularly as a child. I am supposed to go get my blood checked but haven't made it there yet. Funny thing is that my father has high iron. He had to donate blood every couple of weeks for a while because his iron was so high.

I have finished Aaron's cashmere hat. I have one thrum mitten finished and one sock finished for a friend's Christmas present. Almost one other sock for another Christmas present and I'm coming up on halfway finished the baby blanket (not including the border of course.

I am still puzzling over how to fit the skull and crossbones into a pattern for my bf's brother. I don't want to do socks I have some Mission falls wool that I would like to use. I had thought mittens originally but I can't scale the pattern down enough to make it look nice going around. I had thought about having the pattern in a strip legthwise up the mitten or trying to work it into and earflap hat. Any ideas or suggestions leave me a comment.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Emotional Knitting

Well this thanksgiving has been like no other. My favourite place to be was on the couch with the fleece blanket my cousin made (she's a seamstress not a knitter) knitting! I don't have any pictures because I am still at my Grandmother's house. Thus no cameras and no access to pictures that I do have.

This Thanksgiving was very emotional. We have been working to try to move my grandma out of her HUGE old home into something smaller where there is someone to check on her and make sure she takes her medication and eats properly. The biggest problem is that she has had a male friend staying with her for a while now and he doesn't want us to move her. It has turned into a big family drama and is putting us all at odds with each other.

Yesterday we took a girls trip to Mary Maxim. I must say that with all of the crafting things there I don't really get to excited about much there. I bought some wool wash and some hand cream and that is it this trip.

Anyway we are ready to have a quick bite of toast and then hit the road home. Then I am off to the bf's house for some dinner and a comforting cuddle!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Finally a Finished Object

This can only mean one thing! Yes.... Charlotte's Web is finished!
I was so excited to finish this that...yes I was in bed Connie, and the clock on my bedside table was very close to midnight when I finished the picot bind off. My one change to the pattern was to take off the fringe and to add the picot edge. So here she is.

Start Date: Late June 2006
Finished on: October 2nd very close to October 3rd 2006
Pattern: Charlotte's Web (duh)
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM (yum)
Needles: Addi Turbos 4.5 mm I think but the size is rubbed off
Notes: I have quite a bit left over from the beginning colours the brown and the pinkish colours and started to run short on the final green. Because I chose to do the picot edge instead of the fringe I did have to start to use a new colour to finish binding off. You wouldn't know if I didn't tell you but it is a bit purple if you look close. Shhhh!

Anyway I was very excited and I am very proud!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Life certainly gets in the way

I have been knitting. Quite feverishly the last few days actually. I find I need the distraction more and more.

I know that everyone has different bumps along the road of life. Times where you wonder if you have gone to off the paved road and have lost your way.

Right now in my family we can still see that we are on the road....we are heading in the direction that we need to be....but this road is a very rough ride. Sometimes the bumps seem more like road blocks or close to dead ends. Together I'm sure we shall perservere and overcome the recent obstacles in our lives although at times it seems an impossible path. I don't know what else to do right now but to hold on to that hope that it will all work out somehow.

I know that this post is pretty vague. I'm still unsure of how much of my personal life I want to share with whoever may stumble across my blog. At the same time I have this desire to spill my guts out just to relieve the pressure. There have only been two close people in my life I have chosen to share recent events with at this point and I would like to thank them for their patience with me and their support.