Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How sick do you have to be?

Today I was faced with that question. How sick do you have to be that you will miss out on knitting with your friends. The answer is simple. You have to throw up and have a pounding headache, spend most of the day unintentionally not eating and sign your name more times than you can count. This is a sure way to put yourself in bed for the night.

It is now just after 8pm I still have the headache but the sick to my stomach feeling is pretty much gone and I am fairly sure than baring any unforseens I will be at work tomorrow. I can't afford to miss a day of work(money wise and time wise there is just so much to do)

So my plan tonight is to finish this post, have a relaxing bath and then knit a bit before bed. I know that isn't helping me to get work related stuff done but I just can't focus with this pain behind my eyes. The question then becomes... border on the baby blanket (yep I'm finally on the border) or socks? hmmmmm

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