Sunday, June 24, 2007

Let me eat CAKE!

And boy have I ever! Friday was my birthday and I have had cake everyday since Thursday. Yummmmm.

I turned the big 2-6 *gasp* Most of my friends say I'm still the baby. I'm ok with that. If anything I look forward to getting older (a little older) because there are some times when I still don't feel like I am taken seriously. In my job at times and also as a consumer. Is that my age or because I'm a woman?

Aaron and I went to the electronics place for our house to talk about wiring options and upgrades and I noticed that the salesman would look at Aaron at certain times when talking about hooking things up. I have my home theatre set up in my house now. I did that all by little female self!!! Aaron asks me computer questions sometimes. I do all the hooking up for my parents of audio and video equipment and this guy seemed to make the assumption that it would be "the man" in our relationship that would handle it. There is a good chance that we would do it together but if Aaron is working crazy hours I'm not going to wait for him. I will do what I can myself. And trust me Electronics Guy I am capable and I do understand what you are talking about!
Sorry I'm done now. I was just a little annoyed.

I am another year older and one other thing is growing too. Thermal! I finally think we are getting somewhere here.

I want to make sure that it is the right length without stretching at all. Each time I measure it seems to vary a little. I always seem to find that sweaters end up being too short for me. Or at least shorter than I like. The picture shows this sweater as a length I like so I want to make sure it is when it is on me!
For my birthday my parents gave Aaron and I sunscreen and beach stuff for our honeymoon. Including a beach bag that I couldn't help thinking would hold quite a bit of yarn. Aaron also bought me a new purse. At first I have to admit I looked at it and thought, "you thought of me when you saw this?" It is a little flashier than I usually carry but...I do like it a lot.

It helps that inside is lined in PINK! And it is big enough for me to put Thermal in to take on the road. So just think of the possibilities here.

Thermal and a sock actually so I'm all set for the drive to Barrie today for my cousin's wedding shower. And the cottage traffic of the drive back!


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!

I agree that I find the mid-twenties to be an odd age. I find that people just over thirty still think of you as a kid. Of course now at 27, I'm feeling old and thirty is starting to loom over me.

Angela said...

Happy birthday!


Monika said...

Happy Birthday!
I get annoyed too. As soon as you show up with a male, they ignore you completely. We were stove shopping and also a washing machine and dryer. The guy never looked at me and talked only to my son!!! He's not using any or the above mentioned appliances. I must say I'm not used to this (being from Europe) I think Canada is very conservative and a little behind the times. ;o)