Tuesday, June 26, 2007


There is something about me....I hem and haw until I get really set on something and then my determined side sets in. Is this the typical female determination.

Aaron and I had a talk about that today after Electronics guy made me mad again. He sent us the proposal for our upgrades. The email was sent to my account and addressed to Aaron. ONLY Aaron. ( I may not have noticed if I hadn't already had a little rant about it) I (ME) phoned him back and asked him to change a few things and then send the proposal again. This time when he sent it he addressed it to both of us.
Aaron and I started talking about how when a woman is mistreated as a consumer she is more than prepared to boycott whatever company/store is in question. For example, I knew I would not buy my wedding dress at the store where they were rude to me and the other customers. We will not buy from people who rub us the wrong way. Guys I know don't seem to be like that.
Anyway speaking of determined....Here is Thermal!


Monika said...

It's comming along nicely! You are right, I don't go back to stores where I felt uncomfortable or ignored etc.
Don't worry about the KH Cardi, you'll do just fine! It's just me and knitting garments. You are knitting it with the same yarn as I did, right? In 4 of the 5 skeins I used where at least one knot or even worse. I hope yours will be of better quality! The best part was looking for buttons. Can't wait to see the progress of yours.

Sandra said...

Thermal's looking nice - I love the colour.
And yes, I have noproblem boycotting bad business. They can't demand my business, they have to earn it.

Sarah said...

Monika thanks for your words of confidence. I am using the Louet as well I will let you know if there are knots (YUCK)