Friday, August 04, 2006

Busy Busy

I can not believe how busy this week has been. I tried to fit in doctors appointments and check-ups and things before school starts again. Plus I have been trying to fit going to the gym into my schedule everyday. Suddenly before I know it the day is over and I have to get to work.

Today I meet with my personal trainer again. The first meeting was setting some goals and getting my stats together. Some of those numbers are a little scary let me tell you. So I am curious as to what is in store for me today.

Also today in the mail I got this. (Sorry about the picture quality my camera doesn't seem to like me today.)

That is exciting. I was just thinking there should be a new issue soon and then the mail man came (and I can say that because he is a man)

On the front of this issue one of the headlines is "The Joy of Socks" I knew right away I would like this issue. There are some article aobut socks and knitting socks throughout history. I haven't read the articles yet but I am looking forward to it and there are quite a few cute sock patterns to try. (This pick you reallly can't see very well so you will have to look at the magazine yourself I'm sorry)

Also this weekend my office is being attacked. There is no storage left so things keep accumulating onto the floor. My family has bought me more shelves. Yippeee. But now we need to clear space for them. I have a secret hope that I can make this space more livable and not so much a corner of the unfinished basement to store my stuff in.

Hopefully the long weekend will give me some more time to knit. More as in more than a few rows before I go to sleep and a few before I start to run out the door to wherever I have to be.

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