Monday, August 14, 2006

When it rains it pours

I am going to stop appologizing (and to myself aswell) for not posting. Life happens and we all go through little ups and downs. Sometimes the downs like to stick close together so you think the ups are over. Not so!!

There have been a swarm of downs in my family and in families close to me lately and this week was no exception.

My father was in an accident at work and was badly burnt. They were lighting some of the brush they had cleared doing landscaping. They have a fire pit and have done this many times in the past. This time was the time I guess and the fire came back at my dad. He is badly burnt on the right side of his body. The fire didn't burn his close but did seem to like the exposed skin on his right side. His face is blistered and the skin is gone from his right arm and a portion of his right leg. He is fine!!! Things could have been so much worse but it was still very scary.

He is still at the Sunnybrook Hospital in their burn wing. I would just like to say thank you to all of the staff there. I am glad he is there because I know he is getting the best care he could. My dad says "They sure know what their doing here".

I am very busy right now getting ready for school and still working and visiting my dad. I'm starting to stress about getting back to school because there is still so much to be done and there will always be something to do. Busy busy.

P.S. the 40 min drive to the hospital is good knitting time. I haven't knit in my dad's room because I'm not sure it's ok. You have to wear a gown over your close and gloves on your hands while you visit him and if you leave the room you have to change and put on fresh ones. But we have taken dad food and stuff so I'm not sure what the rules are.

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