Sunday, February 14, 2010

Go Canada Go!!!

I am so excited about the Olympics this year. Both the Olympics in Vancouver and the Knitting Olympics. This is the first year that I have participated with the MANY others that have joined the Yarn Harlot. I am worried that I picked a project that will be too much for such a short period of time. (I am just finished the ribbing at the bottom of Ivy League this morning).

Saturday was an exhausting day for my family. My grandmother was rushed to the hospital in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The company that monitors her called my father first but my poor dad was up in North Bay for the weekend so they tried to call my mom. They called her mobile and didn't get her. My hubby and I are next on the list so at 2 am we got the call. I got in touch with my mom but didn't get much sleep after that point. I went back to bed around 3 or so and then hubby got up at 5 to go to work and I was up from then on. Called the hospital at 6:30am to find out how my grandma was and learned that she was in the I.C.U.

We were all very worried. My aunt and uncle came and my dad headed home from North Bay. In the end I saw her around 2 in the afternoon after a blood transfusion and a few scopes. She looked very small and frail but she was laughing and joking around. I hadn't seen her in the morning but I guess at that point we thought the worst. After the transfusion she turned around fast.

My grandma was the first knitter I ever knew. She wasn't the one who taught me to knit but she was knitting all the time and never for herself. The only thing she ever used to make was little outfits for premature babies and she would donate them to the hospital.

My grandma is a very strong little 90 year old woman. She gets on the bus and goes to the mall (Friday she walked around the mall for 3 hours) just to get out and about. I guess she was joking with the doctor and said "I'm not ready to go just yet".

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porpoise said...

Your ribbing looks great! And I hope your grandmother gets out of the hospital soon - she sounds like a wonderful lady!