Friday, February 05, 2010

Ooh baby

At work there are a whole lot of pregnant people (7 if you need a head count --or would you have to count 14?) Anyway last year we had two girls and we threw a combined shower. I knit both of them a baby surprise jacket if you recall.

A little short notice but today it was decided that on Tuesday after work we would have a shower for two of the seven who are about to pop. Since I knit gifts for the last shower I feel like I should/would like to knit something for this shower to (and perhaps plan better for the ones that will be coming).

I don't know if either baby is a boy or a girl and I don't have time for anything fancy. I was thinking of a few booties, little newborn mittens and perhaps a bib? something FAST! I have a few patterns in mind so I better get to it.

No pictures today because the battery in my camera died but I have the back and one front side of the Ribbon Edged Cardi done.

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