Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby baby!

I was cutting it close but the two baby surprise sweaters were finished just in time for the shower.
This one was very unisex because mommy and daddy are waiting for the worlds greatest surprise.

This one will be for a little girl with an incredible mom. I know she will be a lovely little girl because her mom is lovely.

And a quick pick of the two of them together.

The children in my class saw me wrapping them at lunch (I told you I was cutting it close) and the asked me about them. When I told them they were for two other teachers one of my kids asked "how are they going to fit them?" I guess I needed to be a little more clear. Some didn't notice that they were pregnant at all. They are so sweet.

The gifts were very well received and appreciated. Every baby needs at least one knit gift.

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