Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A whole lot of changes going on

I am going to be playing with the template of my blog the next few days so if you stumble on it and it looks to be in some disarray please just come back later!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some People's Friends

I have really been enjoying my knitting again. It is all I think about right now and all I do. I have taken a nice big chunk out of a not-so-baby-baby sweater (it is probably more 1-2 yr size)

My husband has a friend who is expecting a baby boy. He is kinda a tough guy and he is into bikes and stuff so I thought he might want a tough baby sweater for the new arrival. Soooo........

This is what I have been working on.

It has been so much fun to work on something like this. I don't do much colour work so it has been fun so far.
It helps that I kinda have a thing for skulls myself! I am using the chart from Domiknitrix. I have made a few little changes to help it fit the back of the sweater but it is such a great chart as is.
So the back of the sweater is the skull and the front needed a little something as well. Time to revert back to childhood crafts and hunt down the Fimo. I never really did Fimo before but I remember my friends making jewelry and things all the time. This was my turn. I made some buttons for the front.

The ones on the right are the ones I think I'm going to use and the ones on the left are my first attempts.

Also my hubby (who is blind without his glasses) has taken to calling me four-eyes because of my new reading glasses. Even though it is a very mild prescription I do notice a big difference when I'm reading in bed at night and working on the computer. These are my new specks.

My hope is that they will help with my headaches. Not the migraines I know (cuz I had one on Thursday) but the little ones I wake up with but go away in a few hours.
I'm am almost done the body of the sweater so sleeve and a hood are still to come. Check back to see more progress!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rest, Relaxation, and Knitting

It is March Break time again. This time last year I was in Jamaica on my honeymoon enjoying some rest and relaxation. This year that doesn't fit into our budget but I am home enjoying some rest and relaxation. I am also planning on getting a lot of organization done this week (particularly in my office) but I do plan on enjoying my week off and working on a few knitting projects.

One of those projects is great for the relax part of my week because it is close to mindless and it is big enough now that I can curl up under it on the couch. Some people may have seen this project before but it was in the closet for a long time. Oscar is happy I brought it back. He thinks that if I'm working on this project it is time to cuddle up on the couch.

Aaron likes this blanket too and sticks his feet under it on the couch while I'm working. He can't wait for me to finish it. I was surprised that he likes it so much because he talks about being allergic to wool. This blanket is Silk Garden and I love Noro but some people find it a little scratchy so for people allergic to wool it can be like hell in fabric but he seems to not have an issue with it. (he also doesn't have an issue with the hat I made him out of Mission Falls but I didn't tell him that it was wool because I figured it was soft enough--He wears it all the time with no itchy or bumpy reactions).

I'm off to work in the office so I can relax later with some more knitting. There will be some serious sock knitting this afternoon!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Making up for non-knitting time

I have been knitting like mad since I finished the green autumn mitten. (Not that I have knit the second mitten or anything). I have been thinking about knitting and catching up on podcasts when I can't actually be knitting.

I had some pictures of knitting, my new baby snails (and of course Oscar) but through the wonders of technology they have all disappeared. At work I had some pictures of my students that we were putting in a slide show for our grand opening. Between taking my card out of the camera to put in a co-workers card reader they all disappeared. There was no rhyme or reason just one of those crazy technology things. We love and we hate am I right.

So no pictures but I will take some new ones this weekend and post again soon.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Time flies when you don't kill him

I couldn't believe it but yesterday was my 1st wedding anniversary. People still ask me how I like "married life". I don't know how to answer really. I'm happy and .... we haven't killed each other yet. I told him I might let him live another year.

We have been trying to save money. Buying our house and getting married last year was a little much. We know that most people go through the same thing but when it is your turn it feels overwhelming so we planned on only renting a movie to watch for our anniversary. His mother made us a reservation for the restaurant where we had the rehearsal dinner and mailed us a gift card.

I don't know why this picture is sideways because it isn't sideways on my computer and no other pictures are either but....this was our desert.

I also pulled the top layer of our wedding cake out of the freezer. I have heard that you are supposed to save it for the first anniversary or for your first child's christening...however children are not in the plan as yet, some of the icing got a little squished and...it is too yummy to leave in the freezer for much longer (it is a wonder it made it this long).

While enjoying some relaxation time the last few days I finished one of the Green Autumn mittens. I am enjoying this pattern and look forward to casting on my 2nd.

I can even see myself knitting more of these. Perhaps during March break when I spend the whole week on the couch or at Pick up Sticks doing some knitting and other knitting related activities. I did a count last week of my UFOs and I am up to and CRAZY 21. So I hope to knock off a few.