Monday, March 02, 2009

Time flies when you don't kill him

I couldn't believe it but yesterday was my 1st wedding anniversary. People still ask me how I like "married life". I don't know how to answer really. I'm happy and .... we haven't killed each other yet. I told him I might let him live another year.

We have been trying to save money. Buying our house and getting married last year was a little much. We know that most people go through the same thing but when it is your turn it feels overwhelming so we planned on only renting a movie to watch for our anniversary. His mother made us a reservation for the restaurant where we had the rehearsal dinner and mailed us a gift card.

I don't know why this picture is sideways because it isn't sideways on my computer and no other pictures are either but....this was our desert.

I also pulled the top layer of our wedding cake out of the freezer. I have heard that you are supposed to save it for the first anniversary or for your first child's christening...however children are not in the plan as yet, some of the icing got a little squished is too yummy to leave in the freezer for much longer (it is a wonder it made it this long).

While enjoying some relaxation time the last few days I finished one of the Green Autumn mittens. I am enjoying this pattern and look forward to casting on my 2nd.

I can even see myself knitting more of these. Perhaps during March break when I spend the whole week on the couch or at Pick up Sticks doing some knitting and other knitting related activities. I did a count last week of my UFOs and I am up to and CRAZY 21. So I hope to knock off a few.

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Cheryl said...

You gave me a bright spot today! When people asked how we liked married life we had the same answer, and 22 years later, still the same, "nobody killed anyone yet". I still cringe thinking about our wedding cake and pulling it out of the freezer a year later....UGH it did not do well...
Congrats on your first year, and may you have many more years of "nobody killed anyone yet"