Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some People's Friends

I have really been enjoying my knitting again. It is all I think about right now and all I do. I have taken a nice big chunk out of a not-so-baby-baby sweater (it is probably more 1-2 yr size)

My husband has a friend who is expecting a baby boy. He is kinda a tough guy and he is into bikes and stuff so I thought he might want a tough baby sweater for the new arrival. Soooo........

This is what I have been working on.

It has been so much fun to work on something like this. I don't do much colour work so it has been fun so far.
It helps that I kinda have a thing for skulls myself! I am using the chart from Domiknitrix. I have made a few little changes to help it fit the back of the sweater but it is such a great chart as is.
So the back of the sweater is the skull and the front needed a little something as well. Time to revert back to childhood crafts and hunt down the Fimo. I never really did Fimo before but I remember my friends making jewelry and things all the time. This was my turn. I made some buttons for the front.

The ones on the right are the ones I think I'm going to use and the ones on the left are my first attempts.

Also my hubby (who is blind without his glasses) has taken to calling me four-eyes because of my new reading glasses. Even though it is a very mild prescription I do notice a big difference when I'm reading in bed at night and working on the computer. These are my new specks.

My hope is that they will help with my headaches. Not the migraines I know (cuz I had one on Thursday) but the little ones I wake up with but go away in a few hours.
I'm am almost done the body of the sweater so sleeve and a hood are still to come. Check back to see more progress!

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Connie said...

Very cute sweater - love the buttons - who knew you could make buttons on top of all your other talents. Glasses look great on you.