Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Everyon deals with stress in their own way. I tend to deal in a very unproductive way. I just stop. I look at the list of things I need to do and I think about that huge assignment that is due in 6 days (YIKES) and then I do nothing. Instead of saying "holy S**T I have so much to do" and get to it, I do the opposite. I might knit a little.

Tonight I had a small assignment due. It is finished and mailed in. I can't knit and write my response so I listen to knitting podcasts while I work. I know I'm not really focusing on what is being said but ... it is comforting to hear about comforting things. It is like a little fix to hold me over to the next time I can sit and knit.

So far tonight I have not knti a stitch. But I have thought about knitting. A lot. I have looked at my needles and what I will knit with them. Here is the dilema. I have recently purchased Lantern Moon needles online. They are gorgeous...i have not used them yet....they are 3.75mm. I also bought some brittany straight needles because I love my brittany dpns for my socks. They are also beautiful... I have not used the yet... and they are 3.75mm. WHY would I buy two of the same size that I have neve used in a pattern. 3.5 yes...3.25 yes but never 3.75. My next thought....maybe I can get gauge on 3.75 mm for something that really calls for 4mm. Yes I will try... after i'm done my WIPs of course.

Not much knitting but here is one of my WIPs. Rapunzel from Rowan knit in Rowan kid classic.
I am now almost finished the back but here are a few pictures of my progress and a close up of the pattern and back cable.

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