Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Sorry this is a non-picture post. I have finished a few things but I have been without camera. The bf has it to take pictures of the new paint job and body kit on his car. I don't see how that is more exciting than what's on my needles but....it makes him happy like knitting makes me happy.

On to other things. I have ordered the Yarn Harlot's new book "Knitting Rules" and the new "Mason dixon knitting" book from Amazon. Here is my problem. The confirmation email says they estimate my order will be shipped May 1st. WHAT??? I went to my local chapters today and they didn't have it. When I placed the order the site said 2-3 days to ship then 2-3 days in the mail....how does that add up to being shipped on May 1st? I will wait a bit and check the status of my order (DAILY) and if it isn't shipped soon I will cancel my order and order from Chapters. Amazon was less expensive for those keeping tabs but...I am not one for delay of gratification when it comes to ordering fun new things.

I better stop now. I still have work to do on the FINAL assignment for my course. I was having a few computer problems and now have to get back to it. Hope to have my camera tomorrow for the knitting party at my LYS so...we will see if the man returns it as per my request.

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