Friday, March 17, 2006


My name is Sarah, I am 24 and I live near Toronto Canada. I am a knitter. In fact my boyfriend says that I have an addiction and I need help. He has decided to help me. I have a list of projects on the go. He has made me promise that I will see them all through to completion before I start anything else. Once I have conquered my list he says I can have one larger project and one smaller project on the needles at a time but that is my limit. I have been trying to get my WIPs in check for a while so this blog will document my journey to finish the list and then my knitting after that. See I'm optomistic that this is possible.

This is not my first blog. I had one a while ago and let it slide. I got a new job and kept promising myself that I would post more often...more often turned into not at all. Along with my job I have been taking a course online. This week I have had a week off and nothing but knitting to show for it. I can't believe my procrastination. Suddenly I'm back to work in a few days (everyone knows how weekends go) and I could really use another week off.

Anyway, I was really excited to get back to blogging. Hopefully I will be better this time around and keep it up. So sorry no pictures this time. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow. For now here is my WIP list. I am close to being able to cross a few things off of it soon. Maybe more than one by the end of today?

1. Baby sweater for mom's friend (needs to be seemed and then sew the buttons on)
2. Green check scarf
3. Pink Grad Tee
4. Red Gauntlets (1st one done)
5. Slippers for Aaron
6. Fleece Artist Shawl
7.Fleece Artist Thrum Mittens (1st one done)
8. Rowan Rupunzel Cardi
9. Blue and Red Socks
10. Tropical Sunset Socks (1st sock done)
11.Breast Cancer Socks (1st one done)

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