Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New things

One of my goals this summer was to finished as many unfinished projects as I can so that I could jump into this Autumn with a clean slate ready for new fall projects. So far my plan has not worked out that way as I finished Girasole I cast on for two more projects. Abalone and Austin Hoodie.

I have not done much on Abalone which would be the much faster knit because to be honest I'm scared. I'm toying with fate on this one. I have adjusted the small size for my bust but....even if I were a small size the amount of Sweet Georgia Worsted I have for this project might not make it. All the reason in my head tells me that there is no way I can make this project with the amount of yarn that I have, so why I'm I not listening to reason? In my marriage I'm always the one rationalizing and reasoning through things so why when it comes to this yarn am I determined that it will be some kind of sweater against all my better judgement?

I have been working like crazy on Austin hoodie. Not much to see at this point except 7 inches of stockinette. Austin does have a hemmed edge which I always thinks makes for a nice looking sweater. This is a slightly smaller hem than I'm used to doing and I thought about making it longer but decided to trust in the pattern. There is also a garter stitch border on both edges.

The yarn is beautiful. It is Dye Hard Fibre Arts and it is so soft and drapes nicely. I can't wait to keep at it.

And other new things in this house are the new couch.
Our old couch was slobbered on and the frame would dig into you when you sat on it. The cushion covers wouldn't come off to wash so I was always trying to wipe it off but the dog drool never seemed to come off. The new couch is very comfy and yes I can flip cushions around and wash the covers and all that jazz. However as you can see in the picture, Oscar is not all that impressed because he has not been allowed on the new couch. He is sticking with his chair or the floor and giving us the eye. I am missing our cuddle time so I don't know how long it will last before I give in an call him up with me.

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