Sunday, August 15, 2010


My mother in law just came back from her trip to England and Wales to visit her mother and other family. She came back with many beautiful pictures that tempt me to move to Wales. She also brought back many gifts I don't have pictures of everything because the camera battery died.

She brought my husband West Brom Albion tie, jersey and other footie paraphernalia.
We are well stocked with Twiglets, Chocolate buttons, and Curly Wurly bars. She also brought us a Welsh Love Spoon and a necklace for me.

This is the bag that she brought for me. Unfortunately my camera seems to take blurry pictures more often than it is taking clear ones. I might have to ask for a new camera for Christmas.

This is the sideways picture of Austin Hoodie. I'm at the ribbing section after the woven section on the back of the sweater. (Again I don't understand why sometimes blogger seems to turn my pictures sideways- I assure you that the picture is the correct direction on my computer).

I made a lot of progress last night when I couldn't sleep. I was knitting until 2:30. I am really going to have to get my sleep issues under control before I get back to work in a few weeks. I go to bed in good time each night as usual when hubby does. I don't sleep too late each morning. But it seems that I have one good night of sleep followed by a horrible night of broken sleep.

I know I will sleep tonight because I am trying to not fall asleep now.

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