Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Knitting not posting

I have been a busy knitting bee the last little bit that is why I haven't been posting. Since the Frolic I have......

1) Finished the Biker Baby Sweater. It is here blocking waiting to be given.
The front
The back

The buttons (not a great pic but you can see the Dream in Color Classy Black Pearl Colour really well - not as solid black as it appears = LOVE IT!)

2) Made progress on the Brooke's Lace Shawl.

I have finished the first panel. And am ready to start the lace section of the second panel.

I would like to say that I was finished the two but I realized that I had joined to knit in the round and had it twisted. I don't know how it took me until I was over halfway done the section to notice my error but I had to go ALL THE WAY BACK and start again.

So feeling discouraged I started......

3) one of 4 baby sweaters I will need to have finished in the next month.

It is a baby surprise sweater..... my first time and I am still amazed. I know the basics of how this works but how does one (i.e. E.Z. ) think this up in the first place? I love this sweater.
I'm back to it now....I can't leave my knitting alone lately.

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