Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birthdays and Babies

I was making so much progress on the Brooke's Lace Shawl but had to put it aside to work on a few baby gifts and a birthday present.
This is the present for my friend at work. We both have June birthdays. She asked me to make her a blue scarf that was pretty open. So I thought the perfect pattern would be the Leaves of Grass Scarf by Sunflower Designs. And the yarn and the colour was a bit of a debate for me but in the end it was some more of that lovely Jojoland. Melody this time. Again from Pick Up Sticks.

When I finish this scarf then I will be starting another Baby Surprise Jacket (Jojoland Rhythm again--I loved the first one so much) for another girl at work.

Here is Oscar on the couch as part of our Sunday morning ritual. We cuddle on the couch, I knit, drink coffee and watch Coronation Street.

"Mommy come back to the couch, I don't have a lap to put my head on."

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