Saturday, September 27, 2008

Work and Play

I have been playing around with the blog layout and have lost some of the sidebar (ie: the links and stuff as well as my unfinished work.) So I have a lot of work still to go but I have been at it for a while and need to quit.

I still have some research to do tonight because I have my Commando Krav Maga testing tomorrow and I apparently have to answer questions about the history.

Friday was a P.A. day and I am lucky that my principal doesn`t mind me knitting during out meetings. Friday morning because I left for work later than usual my hubby came home and brought me this.
A much needed morning coff and a smile cookie. What a thoughtful hubby. Everyone all together now.....ahhhhhhh.

I have been knitting away on the February Lady Sweater and have finished one sleeve. I put it aside because I left a dpn at school and think that trying to fit all the sleeve stitches onto one less dpn is a stretch because they were falling off last time as it is.

Instead I have been working on the sleeves for Thermal. It has only been I think two years now that I have been working on this one.

What else do I have the energy to say now. My computer does not want to make question marks right now, blogger still wants to randomly turn my pictures sideways (no matter if I remove them and add them again.)

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