Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some changes

Well I was getting on a roll blogging until I went back to work. A new job at a new school it has been a lot of fun. Then this weekend I died my hair and got a new haircut. Which I am also really happy with. So a lot of big changes that way.

So to go with all of these changes I needed to dig out some of those old projects. After I finished the blanket for Mindy I picked up the February Lady Sweater. I was making a lot of progress until Friday last week when I left it at school.

I am further than the pictures show (and on my screen it is loading my pictures sideways and I'm not sure why--on my computer they do face the right way until I upload them). I am almost finished the first sleeve. I had planned to finish the second sleeve this weekend.

So with that one locked in my classroom I went back into the depths of the knitting closet and dug out Thermal. I don't have any pictures of the progress but I'm working away on the sleeves of that sweater as well.

So I am burying myself in a pile of sleeves and thinking of how many half pairs of socks await when I finish them.

Has anyone thought about Christmas knitting? I don't think anyone is getting knitted gifts this year.... I don't seem to be finding the time.

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