Thursday, August 21, 2008

Does anyone else watch weight loss shows and eat ice cream?

Just me? I love watching weight loss shows on TV and usually I find them very motivating to continue to work hard at the gym as well as to try to make better food choices. However....I really like food! And last night watching one woman tell her story about her battle with food...I was stuffing my face with Heavenly Hash.

I have also been watching a lot of TV as I madly work on finishing the baby blanket for my friend as well as a sock for Connie. I am going to visit my friend in Kingston this weekend and the blanket right now looks like this.

My wonderful Hubby helped me to design it and when he got home this morning (he is on a new Midnight shift and goes to work when I go to bed and gets home as I am waking up) he was very excited to see the middle section done. I really appreciate that he takes and interest in what I do and really understands just how much work it is and how much time it takes. So when he said "Now you have the longest part left", I knew he was probably right but wished he had kept his mouth shut.

It will be like this when it is all finished. But the blanket has gotten a lot bigger and that border is big too.

I had stayed up until 2am working on it as it was. I only put it down after I dozed off with my tapestry needle in my hand and scissors beside my head. I thought that was an accident waiting to happen.

Aaron and I were talking about this design and how it does have a bit of both of use in it. I wanted to do log cabin because I thought it was pretty classic. I chose more colours that I would have for myself because my friend Min loves bright colours. Aaron's idea is not entirely log cabin and his mathematical side and love of geometric and more modern things was in the centre squares. It really has been a labour of love, it was neat to design with Aaron (he did all the math to figure out how big each section be when I told him how big I wanted the squares), and also because I am so happy for my friend who has been waiting a long time to invite a child into their family.

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