Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nothing a few late nights won't take care of

I was starting to worry that I may not finish the baby blanket for my friend Mindy. I was working on it non-stop and my wrists were hurting. Wednesday I was up until 2am, Thursday 1am and Friday 3:30am because I was leaving for her house Saturday morning.

I decided that I wanted to sew a lining on the back to give it a cleaner finish. Fabricland closed at 9pm it takes us 20 mins or so to get there from our house so at 7:30 as I was still knitting I told hubby that I needed him to take me to Fabricland while I knit in the car. So we found some cute froggy fabric and I pulled my grandma's old sewing machine out of the closet.

I have never used my grandma's sewing machine before it has been in the closet since she gave it to me. I was lucky to find the instruction booklet.

This was a case of extreme crafting. As I was sewing if I took my foot off the peddle I would hear the odd crackling noise and sometimes I thought I smelled something hot so I sat with the fire extinguisher beside me because I had to keep going.

I finished it in the morning and packed it up ready to go to Kingston.

This one shows the lining.

My friend Mindy was my roommate in University and we were both bridesmaids in each other's weddings. So when they were having a get together to celebrate bringing their new baby home. I wouldn't think of missing it.

I thought the blanket would be too hot for her until the fall but she seemed to find it comfy. Please ignore my hair in this pic. I tie it up as high as I can when I'm hot and I didn't even think of it until I saw the picture after and forgot that was what I looked like.

I also enjoyed the party and I spent some of it knitting and some of it tempting a 2 1/2 year old into a love of fibre. It was so cute the way she was trying to help me by taking hold of the yarn and trying to throw it.


Connie said...

Beautiful job on the blanket Sarah! Did you see all the stuff I got at Stitches? We had a blast!

Clare said...

Nice job on the blanket.

Sarah said...

I did see all of your swag. Nice!!!!