Friday, July 11, 2008

Ah...the summer

I feel like although the summer is here and I'm supposed to have lots of time to relax, that has not been the case. I am in the middle of taking an additional qualifications course through Nipissing and trying to get the house organized and starting to think about next school year and continue to get to the gym.

I have never been one of those athletic people who loves to work out. I joined Reality Combat Fitness with my husband because we were both interest in learning some martial arts. His schedule didn't make it easy for him to get there but I have still been going. Sometimes it is hard to get myself to go but I feel SO good after I get there. I have lost a bit of weight but more than that I feel stronger. (mind you after working out last night I am feeling kinda weak today)

I have been knitting a little. I take a basic rib sock with me to my course everyday and work on it while we are listening/reading. I have a little more finished on the February Lady Sweater too.

And of course how can I post without my baby in it. So here is Oscar with his sheep that I just finished sewing back up for him.

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