Thursday, April 10, 2008

I have been starting to get back into my routine of things now that the wedding is over. Aaron and I did a big house clean and did some organizing that showed me just how many projects I have on the go. My husband is really quick to point out that the project he bought for me is still not finished three years later and he is never going to buy me yarn again. (I don't think I should point out to him that he bought me yarn at Christmas).

I started the Prism Noni Bag after the wedding and have finished the knitting and have felted it as far as it would felt. It is a few inches bigger all the way around than the pattern says it should be but I also didn't have the right gauge and my washing machine was not as hot as I would expect it to be. So with all that in mind I think close is pretty damn good.

So now I have the finishing to do. I went to fabric land yesterday to look at lining and have to admit that I found one of the ladies a little less than friendly. The other one I talked to was very helpful. I think I know what I'm going to use but I did not buy it yet because I have other steps to do first before I do the liner. I hope that when I go back that not so friendly lady is not there.
(I did try to explain that my sewing experience is very limited..I'm a knitter after all...although now that I have my grandma's sewing machine I would like to learn.

I have some pictures that I hope to add soon but for some reason my computer is not recognizing the camera when I plug it in so I have to use another computer and save the pictures to a memory stick before I can put them on my computer. Anyone with any ideas of what to do about this? Please let me know.

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